The Saga of Rosemary Goodfruit

Maiden's Voyage

The heroes are attacked aboard the Veratus by a band of pirates led by a beautiful Vodacce woman and her dangerous bodyguard. Defeated and robbed of their possessions, they are saved by captain Jacques Sices du Sices, a Montagnian naval captain in command of the galleon le Comte de Mer. The heroes catch the name on the prow of the pirate ship before it escapes; the Pink Maiden.

Jacques has been chasing the Maiden for some time now, and he met Nathan Marshall at Little Carleon a day after the heroes left, hearing of their bravery from the Avalon. He promptly offers a place on his ship to the heroes, as well as the sole surviving Eisen mercenary who fought alongside them, giving them the chance to help hunt down the Maiden and recover what they lost, as well as bring its captain to justice. Leaving a repair crew and supplies with the stricken Veratus, le Comte sets off towards the nearby colony of Liberté to restock and gather information.

At Liberté, the heroes and Erich are directed to Le Coup de Grace, a tavern where most of the seedier elements of the sprawling colony are known to frequent. There they discover that some of the Mainden’s crew are, in fact, in attendance, and the Maiden herself is docked amongst the mass of ships in Liberté’s harbour, but they are discovered by one of the pirates’ villainous officers, Vincenzo, and set upon outside the tavern.

The brawl seems to be going the heroes’ way, until a contingent of the governor’s guards arrives. Directed by none other than the pirate captain, they arrest the heroes and Erich for affray and throw them in the governor’s gaol high above the town.

Imprisoned, they are visited by the captain, who introduces herself only as “Rosamaria” and apologises for the inconvenience, hoping that the entire affair can be forgotten, chalking it down to “business”. She warns the heroes off of captain Sices du Sices, telling them that le Comte will no longer be able to give chase soon enough anyway; as if on cue, a massive explosion is heard from the harbour, and le Comte can be seen erupting in a ball of fire as her magazine goes up. However, when Rosa attacks her with her fire magic, she retreats with a look of mixed hatred and fear on her face, and the heroes are left alone.

The following morning, a cautious woman, the captain’s Vodacce bodyguard who defeated Carlo and claimed his twisted blade as a trophy, visits them armed with a pistol. She introduces herself as Fiora, and chides her captain for her naivete, offering the heroes a deal; they steal an artefact compass from an Avalon explorer known as Arnold Batiste and deliver it to her, and she will return their stolen goods and pay them a hansome reward on top. When Rosa lies to her about accepting the offer, she gives the Castillian a harsh glare, telling her that she knows she is lying; the strands have told her so. Carlo is shocked at the revelation that Fiora is supposedly also a Strega, but the heroes reluctantly agree to the errand, and she provides them with a plain-looking stone that she claims will allow them to contact her when they have the compass, before leaving.

Only hours later, the heroes are surprised by a band of men breaking them out of their prison; they narrowly escape the hillside gaol with the governor’s men in hot pursuit. Carlo is incapacitated in the effort, but a stalwart Erich carries him to safety, admiring the man’s directness and bravado from the fight aboard the Veratus. More partisans attack the governor’s men, allowing the heroes to get away, and they are met by Jaques in town; he provides them with money enough to bribe their way out of the colony to sea, and bids them bon chance and adieu for now.

The Pink Maiden has eluded the heroes for now, but Fiora’s errand entwines the ship’s fate with that of the heroes, and the two will surely meet again soon.


About damn time

Maiden's Voyage

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