Andrew MacIntyre

Bosun of the New Horizon, a reserved Highlander


Brawn 2 Finesse 2 Wits 2 Resolve 3 Panache 2
Swordsman School: MacDonald
Beat 1 Corps-a-Corps 3 Lunge 1
Civil Skills
Sailor: Balance 2 Climb 2 Knotwork 2 Rigging 2
Martial Skills
Heavy Weapon: Attack 2 Parry 2
Athlete: Climb 2 Footwork 3 Sprint 1 Throw 3
Firearms: Attack 2


Andrew serves as the bosun onboard the New Horizon, and is an aspiring Shield Man. It is he that protects the crew from the beasts they encounter on their explorations, usually by hitting it harder than any of them can.

A patient man, Andrew nontheless has the utmost respect for discipline. He is more willing than the captain to carry out necessary punishments and more physically intimidating than any other man on board, despite only being 5’10". His four foot highland claymore tends to do most of the intimidating in any case, and the vast majority of the crew know that they wont get an easy ride as long as Andrew is aboard. He works his deck hard, but is more than fair with duty rotations, and recognises vocally whenever a crew member is performing well, knowing that recognition is as much a motivator as punishment.

The MacIntyre family are a small one by highland standards, and hold little sway in James’ court, but are thus allowed a lot of freedom in their dealings. The sons mostly leave home to find their fortunes abroad, and most of these find work in Carleon or Luthon. Andrew was no different; he was in Carleon when Nathan hired his crew and was a natural choice for the bosun’s position, being so fond of work and handy in a melee. Nathan affords the man respect for his continuing, unflinching devotion to his job and in turn Andrew gives the captain his loyal best.

Though slow to speak, Andrew is actually a fairly intelligent man, as highlanders often turn out to be. He is not particularly religious, but he respects the right of the faithful to have their beliefs and allows the crew their many suspicions. Above all else he is a realist, and knows that letting the crew have their way with rituals of the sea is better for their morale than trying to argue with centuries-old suspicions.

Andrew is as reliable on land as he is at sea, and frequently is at the head of shore parties. Though he speaks only his native Avalon (and the highland dialect he grew up with), he is valued as an aid to diplomacy; the words of any captain benefit from a swarthy Highlander standing behind them.

Andrew MacIntyre

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