Erich Gustav

A vengeful Eisen mercenary


Brawn 3 Finesse 2 Wits 2 Resolve 2 Panache 2
Languages: Eisen(R/W), Avalon(R/W), Vendel

Civil Skills
Sailor: Balance 2 Climb 2 Knotwork 1 Rigging 1 Swimming 1

Martial Skills
Heavy Weapon: Attack 2 Parry 2
Athlete: Climb 2 Footwork 2 Sprint 1 Throw 1 Break Fall 1 Lifting 1
Crossbow: Attack 2
Wrestling: Grapple 2 Escape 1 Head Butt 1


Little is known about Erich’s history, but he has been a mercenary for a few years at least, spending most of his time at sea, and is a stolid fighter.

He gained an admiration for Carlo’s directness and courage when he fought alongside him onboard the Veratus when the Pink Maiden attacked, slaying Erich’s comrades-in-arms. Now he accompanies the heroes in hopes of bringing the pirates to justice.

Erich Gustav

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