Franscois Vernet

The prodigal young surgeon on board the New Horizon


Brawn 2 Finesse 2 Wits 3 Resolve 2 Panache 3
Avalon, Castille
Civil Skills
Sailor: Balance 2 Climb 2 Rigging 2 Knotwork 2
Doctor: First Aid 2 Diagnose 3 Surgery 3
Streetwise: Socialising 3 Street Navigation 3
Martial Skills
Fencing: Attack 2 Parry 2
Firearms: Attack 2


Franscois doesn’t like to talk about his past; the crew know he was raised in Montagne, and that he learned his trade there, but little else. Oddly, he does like to talk about everything else under the sun, mostly by complaining. He grumbles that he is under-appreciated, that the food is sub-par, that the sun shines too much, that the sun doesn’t shine enough, that the rain is too cold, that his quarters are drafty… But for all that, he is well liked by the crew, several of whom owe their lives to his skill on the surgical table.

Franscois does, however, cheer up when the New Horizon goes to port anywhere other than Montagne. He finds the first excuse to vanish into the crowds and find a gambling den, tavern or house of ill repute, and is not seen again until his pay is all but gone. He staggers back to the ship, usually singing and occasionally with a courtesan or two in tow, and retires noisily to his quarters. By the next day (after the girls have left) he is invariably back to his grumpy self, his temper inscensed by his empty purse and his sore head. In spite of this, the entire process will repeat itself without fail on the next trip to port.

The one time Franscois stubbornly refuses to leave the ship, and indeed his quarters, is when the New Horizon makes port in Montagne. Even if asked to by another crew member, he merely swears loudly in Montagnian for a while and remains locked in his cabin until the ship is out of harbour again. Nathan has taken to leaving him be should the ship have to dock in Montagne, and has even begun planning his voyages to avoid such an occurence if possible in an attempt to curry favour from his surgeon; he needn’t bother, however, as Franscois seems at least content with his lot and Nathan’s pay is good, so he can usually afford comparitively lengthy benders in foreign ports.

Franscois Vernet

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