Jane Hardy

Pilot and first officer of the New Horizon, and friend to Captain Marshall


Brawn 2 Finesse 2 Wits 3 Resolve 3 Panache 2
Keen Senses
Civil Skills
Sailor: Balance 2 Climbing 2 Knotwork 2 Rigging 2 Navigation 1 Pilot 3 Swim 1
Courtier: Dancing 2 Fashion 3 Etiquette 2 Oratory 1
Martial Skills
Fencing: Attack 2 Parry 2
Firearms: Attack 2


Jane is a typical young Avalon lady; joyful and boystrous, her personality and charisma make her the heart and soul of the New Horizon.

She grew up in the same part of Avalon as Nathan, and the two knew each other by reputation as children. Their families were close, and it wasn’t long before their adult lives collided; when Nathan inherited his ship, their parents suggested to each other that they should work together, as by this time, Jane was already a skilled young pilot, taught by her father.

Nathan admired Jane’s optimistic attitude, as well as her skill at the helm, and he knew that she was honest from their encounters as children, so he offered her the position off the bat, though Jane was a little slower in accepting. She spent some time in his company to get a better measure of the young man he had become, and her family did a little more persuading as well. Eventually, she conceded that Nathan was trustworthy; when she saw the protectiveness he showed towards Javier, she asked outright if he would show the same attitude to the rest of his crew, at which Nathan smiled confidently and said “Of course. How will I manage as a captain otherwise?”. She took the pilot position on the spot.

Since then, Jane has provided Nathan with another voice, and has helped him avoid arguments and brawls with other sailors on several occasions. She has firmly cemented her place on the New Horizon as its pilot, and the men look up to her as their first officer as well.

Jane Hardy

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