Javier Ventura del Aldana

Quartermaster on board the New Horizon


Brawn 2 Finesse 2 Wits 2 Resolve 2 Panache 2
Civil Skills
Captain: Strategy 3 Tactics 3* Logistics 1*
Sailor: Balance 3 Climbing 2 Knotwork 1 Rigging 1 Navigation 1* Swimming 1


Javier was in the year beneath Nathan in university in Avalon, where Nathan protected him from the worst of the bullying he recieved for his Castillian heritage. When Nathan gained his admission to the explorers, Javier dedicated himself to helping Nathan become the best he could, taking a position on board the ship as a de facto quartermaster.

He is well versed and confident in his abilities, a trait that goes a long way to making Nathan a more effective captain; Nathan knows he can trust Javier with many tasks, and even goes so far as to trust his judgement with such duties as navigation, tactics and logistics.

Javier relied on Nathan too heavily to defend him, however, and as such has neglected to learn the most basic of martial techniques. Though he knows how to fire a pistol (albeit innacurately), he shies from any form of melee combat. More inclined to flee than surrender, however, the men don’t begrudge him this weakness. Much.

Javier Ventura del Aldana

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