Nathan Marshall

Captain of the New Horizon


Brawn 2 Finesse 2 Wits 3 Resolve 3 Panache 2
Member: Explorers, University, Castillian Squire, Able Drinker
Civil Skills
Captain: Strategy 1 Tactics 2* Leadership 2 Logistics 2*
Sailor: Balance 3 Climbing 2 Knotwork 2 Rigging 2 Navigation 2* Swimming 1
Archaeologist: Occult 1 Society Lore 1 Research 1
Courtier: Dance 1 Etiquette 1 Fashion 1 Oratory 1
Martial Skills
Fencing: Attack 3 Parry 1
Firearms: Attack 3
Dirty Fighting: Attack 1 Attack(Improvised) 1


Nathan inherited the Lady’s Favour, a speedy cargo ship, from his uncle, beginning his grand adventure. His family, wealthy enough to raise him through education, contacted the Explorers and enrolled their eldest son, and Nathan was given his induction in no less than a month.

He raised a crew from the rag-tag bunch to be found in Carleon and, renaming his ship the New Horizon, set out to make his name with the Society.

His crew includes the young squire he tutored throughout his university days, Javier Ventura del Aldana, who is fiercly loyal to his captain and friend; Jane Hardy, a childhood friend skilled in keeping both ships and Nathan out of trouble; hired surgeon Franscois Vernet, a Montagnian prodigy as young as Nathan yet highly skilled in his trade; Raul Bastita, the Lady’s old Topsman who Nathan convinced to stay on due to his familiarity with the ship; and Andrew MacIntyre, a reserved Highlander whose sense of discipline goes a long way to keeping the crew in check, who Nathan hired as bosun from a Carleon tavern.

Though young, Nathan is fiercly protective of his crew and his ship. He knows they aren’t the most experienced lot on the six seas, and as such he values their safety above all else; this instinct has led him to choose his explorative voyages with care, avoiding ventures with high risk factors. He realises he wont get famous or rich fast with this method, but he hopes that one day his crew will be as seasoned as any out there and capable of much more daring deeds.

Nathan Marshall

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