Raul Batista

The long-standing topsman of the New Horizon, a wiry young Castillian


Brawn 3 Finesse 3 Wits 2 Resolve 2 Panache 2
Pirate Trick: Death From Above
Civil Skills
Sailor: Balance 3 Climbing 3 Knotwork 3 Rigging 3 Leaping 2
Martial Skills
Fencing: Attack 2 Parry 2
Firearms: Attack 2
Knife: Attack 2 Parry 2 Throw 2


Raul is the longest serving crew member aboard the New Horizon, having been her topsman since she bore her last name. As such, he is trusted with matters of the vessel above any other sailor, and he knows every inch of her rigging. The most experienced sailor in the crew, the rest of the men follow his commands without pause.

Despite hailing from Castille, Raul lacks the education of much of the rest of the senior crew. He grew up a poor sailor’s son, and spent his young life learning the trade at sea. He speaks only his native tongue, though he seems to understand the captain’s orders just fine. Whenever he has something to say, which is seldom, he gets Franscois to translate for him, and the young Montagne is happy to oblige since usually Raul’s messages are of some import to the entire ship, or at least worthy of hearing for their own sake.

Raul is, despite his experience, still a young man in his physical prime. Wiry and quick, he spends most of his time high in the rigging, watching the horizon. He is also the only senior crew member ever to have been involved in any ship-to-ship combat, and knows a few tricks for surviving such an encounter. He has advised Nathan extensively on the realities of naval combat, and agrees heartily with the captain’s philosophy that avoiding it altogether is the ideal situation. Should the New Horizon ever be involved in a melee, however, Raul will be one of the first to join combat, swinging out of the rigging to attack his enemies and tossing some of his many knives from above their heads.

More than any other man on board, Raul is at home out at sea. As such, he prefers to remain with the ship should it land for exploration, and Nathan knows that the New Horizon is in good hands should he leave Raul in charge. Nathan continues to show Raul great respect, and pays him well, so counts Raul amongst the most loyal of his crew.

Raul Batista

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