The New Horizon

Brigantine of the Explorer's Society, owned and operated by Captain Marshall and his crew


Brawn 1 Finesse 1 Wits 3 Resolve 2 Panache 3
Modifications: Extra Cargo
Flaws: Disgruntled Crew
Draft 2 Crew 1 Cargo 3
Reputation: 0


The New Horizon is a young vessel, still. Under Nathan’s uncle’s command it ferried valuable artefacts and persons around the Avalon isles and to and from Montagne as the Lady’s Favour. It saw little combat, mostly content to outrun any potential threats and lucky enough to evade the faster pirate ships altoghether.

When the elder Marshall died of natural causes, the ship was bequeathed to Nathan, his nephew, since he had no sons of his own and rather favoured the boy’s adventurous attitude, willing “that the Lady’s Favour should see new horizons and make many great discoveries” in her time under Nathan’s command. Happy to honour his uncle’s wishes, Nathan took inspiration from his words and renamed the ship New Horizon.

Once inducted into the Explorers, Nathan quickly aquired a crew and the Horizon set sail once more, this time sailing further afield than ever she had to exotic locales in the Midnight Archipelago, Castille and the Trade Sea, though for the most part her duties remained simply acting as a ferry for the Society’s valuables.

Berthed now in the Midnight Archipelago, her captain is at last considering his first large-scale voyage of exploration, and has begun taking on extra crew members to aid in the task. Nathan’s wanderlust has finally overcome his inexperience, and the New Horizon waits to find if it can match his aspirations of greatness…

The New Horizon

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