Leni's Lan Spear

Pole vaulting to Destiny

weapon (melee)

Leni’s Lan Spear

An Opah infused spear in modded 7th sea rules.

Polearm base 4k2 damage Brawn 3. Leni’s Spear 7k2 damage

Starts with 1 Lan. Current Total 9 Lan

Only Leni or another Opahkung would get the benefit of the Lan in the spear to a Thean it is just a spear.

Is a Melee and Ranged weapon.

Effects of Lan on Spear:

A sorcerer (not a shaman, such as other Opahkung) struck by this weapon loses the ability to use any Sorcerous Knacks for one Phase per Lan or Nal, or until the end of the Scene, whichever comes first. This is always counted from the most recent hit, but it is not cumulative. Items treated with Laerdom magic, or other magic weapons such as Twisted Blades, are affected as if they were sorcerers when struck with this weapon. Laerdom-enchanted weapons cannot use their runes, and any currently active runes deactivate. Twisted Blades cannot use their special powers
upon being hit by an Opahkung’s weapon. This effect on a magic weapon lasts just as long as it would if the weapon were a sorcerer.

In addition, while holding a weapon invested with Lan or Nal, the Opahkung has crackling streams of energy run up and down the weapon and the arm (or arms) with which he holds it, and glowing in his eyes. The energy is white if the weapon has Lan, and black if it has Nal.

There will be more effects when more Lan is generated. As Follows.

For every 20 Lan, the Opahkung adds 1 to his Attack Rolls when using this weapon. Conversely, for every 20 Nal, the Opahkung subtracts 1 from his Attack Rolls. Neither modifier may exceed the Hero’s Resolve Rank.

For every 50 Lan or Nal, the TN to break this weapon is increased by 5.

When affected by sorcery while holding the weapon, the Hero may spend 1 Drama Die to resist that magic. The Rank of the Sorcerous knack affecting the Opahkung must be less than or equal to the Lan or Nal invested in this weapon, divided by 50 (round down).

For every 100 Lan, the Opahkung begins each Story with 1 additional Drama Die, which is only usable if the Hero is touching the weapon.
For each 100 Nal, the GM begins the Story with 1 additional Drama Die, which is only usable if
the Hero is touching the weapon. These Drama Dice cannot exceed in number the GMs starting Drama Dice.


Leni’s spear was made for him by his father. As a gift and sign that he was now old enough to hunt and learn to fight.

If asked about the spear Leni will happily talk at length about how his father got all the materials to make it especially the hunting trip to get the Nal vines to tie the spear head.

It is the only item he left Kanuba with and he is very sentimental about it.
Sometimes late at night, he can be caught looking at his spear, deep in thought of home.

The spear itself appears simple enough but it is through Opah and Leni’s talent that the spear’s true potential lies.

Every fight Leni has with his trusty spear his own skill grows likewise the Opah infused in his spear grows also.

If ever asked how his simple spear is such a good weapon. Leni will either simply reply “Opah” or “Good weapon, great Lan within”. To a friend he will tell the tale of the spears creation possibly not for the first time.

Leni's Lan Spear

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