Chronicling the adventures of a rag-tag band of, uhm, adventurers… in the swashbuckling lands of Theah1.

The Heroes

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From the melting-pot of the Midnight Archipelago, through Theah’s taverns, brothels, courts, prisons, ruins, battlefields, islands and across the six seas2, the heroes will enjoy some light-heartedness injected into an increasingly dark and grim series of games previously played and run by this group3.

1 That’s right, the lands themselves have taken to swash and buckle.

2 This may be misleading; I honestly have no intention of taking the group to the Corridors of Flame, but players will be players…

3 Though due to the nature of the players, this may actually be unavoidable. I need to game with some optimists for once…

The Saga of Rosemary Goodfruit

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