Rosa De La Cruz

And where two raging fires meet together,they do consume the thing that feeds their fury.


Brawn 2 Finesse 3 Wits 3 Resolve 3 Panache 2

Advantages Foul Weather Jane, University, Above Average Appearance

Backgrounds Hunted (3), x (4)

XP Total Spent/Gained: 43/46

XP Available 3

Arcana Lecherous

Membership Explorer’s Society

Languages Castillian R/W, Vodaccean, Montaignan, Avalonian

Reputation 7

Sorcery – El Fuego Adentro Flame Sword 3 Hearthfire 2 Control Flame 4 Cinder Storm 2 Dragon’s Breath 2

Martial Skills

Firearms Attack 2

Dirty Fighting Attack 1

Athlete Footwork 3 Sprint 1 Throw 1 Climb 2

Fencing Attack 1 Parry 1

Civil Skills

Archaeology Occult 1 Society Lore 1 Research 1 Trap Lore 1

Courtier Dancing 1 Oratory 1 Etiquette 1 Fashion 1

Criminal Stealth 2 Shadow 2 Gamble 1

Spy Stealth 2 Shadow 2

Acrobat Balance 2 Footwork 3

Sailor Balance 2 Knotwork 1 Climb 2 Rigging 1


2 x Pistols
1 x Musket
1 x Rapier
1 x Glamoured Gown (+2 FR to Appearance affected rolls in Avalon/Bryn Bresail, repaired by washing in fresh water)


The night that would be their last together, Captain Monica Octavia Luciana de Martinez del Soldano conceives her first and only child to her betrothed, Don Juan Armando de Peláez. Juan would perish defending his family’s estate from looting Montagnan soldiers. Struck numb by grief and fury, Monica returns to the war after her daughter is born and leads Castillian irregulars on dangerous missions deep into occupied Castille. Five months later, she is captured and executed by Montaignan forces.

Monica’s sister, Carmina, and her young family, succumb to the Grey Cough while travelling as refugees with her sister’s baby. The infant girl will never know her mother, nor that she named her Diana. She will never know that her aunt chose to save her life over her own by carrying her through wind and rain, the child bundled in the clothes from her back, to a quiet town farther away from the dangerous front. Alone amidst the indifferent misery of war, the hands of the church pluck the child from her fate.

Catherine is now six years old. She thinks she might be evil. Madre Elisabeth tells stories of the wicked ones sent by legion, and of those who command fire by will alone. Little Catherine feels any nearby flame as keenly as one feels a finger, able to move either by the merest whim. She has always been this way. She has always been going to hell.

Twelve. They sent her to school with the elder children. Immediately, Catherine senses the malice behind the sneers of the sisters.

Three days before her fourteenth birthday and her mind is made. Tomorrow is the day. No more the locked cabinet, the cane’s sting, the cold baths, the little battered faces. No more.

Tomorrow she stands before the boarding school, huddled with the other children. She does not look away, her eyes mirror the roaring flame. Despite the rain, dirt throwing and the water bucketchain, the inferno that consumes the school is exhausted when only ashes remain.

For a couple of months she runs with a gang of burglar youths, breaking into luxurious homes and snatching anything worth a steal. She goes by Elena now and she’s good at the thieving game. And lucky. Lanterns, candles and torches putter out at the most opportune moments, as if by magic.

Until she’s caught. The old man is going to have her thrown in jail, and she can’t shrug off the iron grip his guard has on her arm. She does not beg, plead or bargain, but solemnly awaits this next trial. Raul admires her resolve, but is all the more interested in her choice of theft.

Although the girl cannot explain why, she selected an unusual but unexciting looking item that is, in fact, a priceless component of an intricate machine not fashioned by human hands. An item of incredible worth to the right sort of person, a rare person indeed. After some moments contemplation, he takes the risk, offering her an education and a home, and should that prove fruitful, a vocation within the guild. When she, after many suspicious questions, accepts, he holds his hand out and speaks his name. She shakes his hand and calls herself “Rosa”.

Two years later, barely into her sixteenth year, she fastens the Explorer’s Guild pin to her cloak, and bears it proudly before the grave of her mentor.


1. What country is your Hero from?


2. How would you describe your Hero’s physical appearance?

Rosa is a dark-haired, pretty sixteen year old girl on the cusp of womanhood. Her long dark brown hair is multi-toned from her time in the sun, her complexion tanned. She has large, almost black eyes. She is very slender which lends her a fragile grace.

3. Does your Hero have recurring mannerisms?

She is seemingly transfixed by flame, and will stare into her table’s candle while eating or trying wine, occassionally caressing the flame with her finger.

4. What is your Hero’s main motivation?

She desires to learn the truth of Theah’s mysteries and to explore the world.

5. What are your Hero’s greatest strengths and greatest weaknesses?

Strength: Her sense of justice and honour; her moral compass.

Weakness: Inexperience or naivety of the world.

6. What are your Hero’s most and least favourite things?

Most: Freedom

Least: Wickedness

7. What about your Hero’s psychology?

Rosa’s a relentless optimistic, who craves adventure and excitement and hungers for knowledge. Silently headstrong yet she’s terrified of lightening and can be a little shy or reserved at times. Until she’s had a glass of wine in which case she’ll be standing on the bar, singing tunelessly but with gusto.

8. What is your Hero’s single greatest fear?

Having her freedom taken away.

9. What is your Hero’s highest ambition? Greatest love?

She would love to discover something astonishing; be the first to reveal a great secret hidden away on Theah.

10. What is your Hero’s opinion of his (/ her) country?

She’s proud to be Castillian and loves her homeland dearly. But she can’t stay there while there is so much strife, with war on one side and oppression from the Inquisition on the other. Rosa longs for the day when the Castillians need not fear their horizon.

11. Does your Hero have any prejudices?

She does not like the Church or religious people much, believing them close-minded or in the case of the Inquisition; evil. Nor does she like the Montaignans for their unjust invasion on the people of Castille.

12. Where do your Hero’s loyalties lie?

With her sense of right and wrong, to knowledge and enlightenment and to the good people who struggle under the tyrany of evil.

13. Is your Hero in love? Is he (/ she) married or betrothed?

Never married or betrothed, nor has she fallen in love. Though she is young and a hopeful romantic at heart.

14. What about your Hero’s family?

She knows nothing about her family’s fate – she was raised at an orphanage administered to by the Vaticine faith.

15. How would your Hero be described by his (/ her) parents?

They would be proud of her although they would worry at her lack of piety.

16. Does your Hero attempt to follow the code of chivalry?


17. How religious is your Hero? What sect of the Church does he (/ she) follow?

She is agnostic. That there is something else to this world she believes although she cannot believe that the close-minded Church can be right about then nature of such a thing.

18. Is your Hero a member of a guild, gentleman’s club or secret society?

She has just been accepted into the Explorer’s Society and she wears her pin with great pride.

19. What does your Hero think of sorcery?

Considers it a gift and a curse, but if it was not for the ignorance of man she would only consider it a gift.

20. If you could, what advice would you give your Hero?

Prepare for unforeseen circumstances.

Rosa De La Cruz

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