Bacon Flagon

Bacon Flagon.

“Damn tasty… I can’t feel my heart any more, is that normal?” – Anyone who eats this monster.


The creation consists of biscuits (for molding the cup), cheese (both cream cheese and Swiss cheese), and lots and lots of bacon.


First to create a world in which the Bacon Flagon can dare exist, you need a ship which has run out of drinking receptacles perhaps due to a successful naval assault which ended in a drinking game where all mugs went over board.
Then come across a small island well populated with boars or pigs.
Most importantly have a Kanu who believes he can make a cup from a pig.


Use the biscuits from the hold to mould the basic shape of you cup (not including handle)
Then wrap the mould in layers of bacon. Also twist the bacon into a handle shape and glue on with melted cheese.
Realise no-one will drink alcohol from this and they are drinking straight from the keg.
Make it a dinner item continue melting the cheese and fill the flagon.

This holy/unGodly goblet of heartburn tallies in at 2400 calories and 158 grams of fat at a minimum.

Bacon Flagon

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