Le Grande Port

The harbour in Liberté is an astonishing affair, and the reason for its great success. It can house upwards of one hundred vessels of all sizes, and the Governor’s flexibility with regards to who docks there allows traders and privateers of most nations to do business in the taverns and shops around the town.

The warehouses are massive, and rarely empty; though Montagne Naval crews are allowed priority in theory, the Governor often sells to the highest bidder when he can get away with it, knowing enough stock is bound to come in soon with the volume of traffic coming into the harbour.

Liberté acts as one of the first points of call to many ships travelling to the Midnight Archipelago, Castillian and Ussuran vessels aside, and as such is one of the busiest and liveliest places in the entire chain of islands. It would be rich pickings for ambitious pirates were it not for the permanent Naval cordon surrounding the island and concentrated in particular around Le Grande Port; most are content to slip the harbourmaster a share of their loot to be able to come ashore with few questions asked and sell otherwise questionable goods to shady dealers or other captains.

Such is the size of the harbour that finding an individual ship amongst the sea of masts and rigging is nigh on impossible, a fact compounded by the harbourmaster’s vague, often misplaced logs. The heroes found this out to their disadvantage when they docked to find information about the Pink Maiden without realising that she was already docked in the harbour mere hours before Le Comte de Mer docked there for the final time.

Le Grande Port

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