Liberté was one of the first Montagne colonies in the midnight archipelago, though it has its true origins as an Avalon outpost. When the Avalon colonists began extending the docks to increase trade, the Montagne Navy annexed the port. Today, though tensions between the original settlers and the Montagnians are strained, it has become a thriving colony under the rule of a Montagne governor and under the protection of the Montagne Navy.

In its massive harbour can be found ships from most nations of Theah; only Castillian and Ussuran ships are shot at by the blockade ships without question, and though many Sea Dogs avoid the port, Explorers Society ships and Avalon merchant ships can still be found frequenting the harbour.

The town of Liberté is where the colony gets its name; it is a long established colony, resembling a successful Montagne city. The buildings are made of stone, the streets are cobbled and all manner of tradesmen and distractions can be found in its twisting alleys.

The entire town and its harbour are ruled over by its Governor, a highly corrupt Montagne noble as susceptable to bribes as his guards are, who resides in a great manse high above the town.


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